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Baragoi Travel Guide

Baragoi Travel Guide

Baragoi is situated on the barren Elbarta Plains and in the east of the Suguta Valley and 60 miles to the north of Maralal, it is part of the Samburu District, Baragoi is a major livestock market in the region, there are numerous hotels, bars and restaurants.

Settled in 1930s, nowadays Baragoi has a population of nearly 20,000 comprising mostly people from the Samburu (related to the Masai), Turkana and Somalis tribes, population is constantly battling with the natural elements. Livestock plays a great role as a means of livelihood.

During extended periods the local river is dry, because of this you will find deep holes, of over 6 meters, sunk to provide some water.

In Baragoi, is common to have a firearm, locals argue that it is the only way to protect themselves from their aggressive neighbouring tribes and rustlers. In case of a serious problem, the locals will help you.

Despite all of this, Baragoi is a fascinating town.

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