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The Livestock Market in Baragoi

Pastoralism; and the resulting search for water and pasturage; and trade of livestock remains the main activity for a majority of inhabitants of Baragoi. There are disputes over water and grazing rights with other herders.

The livestock market is under the auspices of the government of Kenya, it improvement offers the potential to reduce poverty in this areas. Livestock are transported from all over the Samburu territory.

A major attraction is when a herder is of courting age, he buys string of beads, necklaces and bracelets with which to court his girl. Once back home, he will present her these gifts, moreover, he must explain with mimicry and singing the attributes of the cattle which will provide their means of survival, young herder must represent them favourably if he wants to attract the attention of a bride, finally, he select a single castrated bull, camel or goat, indicating, with dances, its size, colour, temperament, the shape of its horns, among other details.

These comical parodies and dances are held almost at night in the Maasai villages or Manyattas on the outskirts of town. It is an hugely enjoyable event at which you are almost always welcome.

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