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Practicalities in Baragoi

Morning Star Guest House offers the best accommodation in town, it has single basic and clean rooms, it has also a decent bar and restaurant. New Highbury Pub and Lodging is another good place to stay.

Bosnia Wines and Spirits is clean and inexpensive, made with an spartan style and attended by Rosemary Benzina, the name of the bar explains the surge in Baragoi's economy. Benzina's boss, is a veteran of the conflict in Yugoslavia, in fact the strip is known as Yugoslavia Street.

Mount Ngiro B&L has the only doubles in Baragoi and is more expensive than others accommodations.

The best restaurant and bar in Baragoi is located at Zaire Hotel on Nachola Road, you will find here a colourful place, cold drinks and Congolese music. Joy Cafe is a cheerful place which offers good snacks and really cold beers. Al-Mukaram, Flora Hotel and Wid-Wid Hotel are good choices if you want simple and cheap food like githeri (a Kenyan food).

There are a post office, the postal code og Baragoi is 20601, the office is open from Monday to Friday (8.00 - 17.00). Exists a decent car mechanic, if you need a petrol supply, yo can get one at a price, from Mount Ngiro Supplies.

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