Kenya travel guide


Kenya Travel Guide

Casinos in Kenya

The continent of Africa is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination containing a wide range of landscapes and cultures. As well as the many different sites on offer, there are also a wide variety of entertainment options to be enjoyed.

The nation of Kenya is one particular country that is well-travelled. When visiting Kenya, many tourists are surprised to find they enjoy trying out the casinos found here.

Casinos in Mombosa

One of the largest cities in Kenya is Mombosa, Being located near the coast it offers a host of casino options. The most popular of which is the Casino Rico. This casino is associated with the Royal Court Hotel and opens its doors to the public at 11 everyday, staying open until 5am. However table games such as poker, blackjack or roulette do not open until noon.

Amongst the most popular games a multiple variations of poker, including , these include 3 card poker, Oasis poker and Texas Hold 'Em. You may not be familiar with these types of games as they are not the norm. However you may have played them at an online casino. Other table games are available such as roulette and blackjack. Elsewhere in the casino is the high roller section which opens at midnight and remains open until the casino closes.

Casino Max

Another option for a night out at a casino is Mombasa, this is the Casino Max. It is not the usual stand alone casino, instead it is built into the Nyali Cinemax Shopping Complex. Many visitors to Mombasa like the convenience of having so many entertainment and shopping options in one place. One gaming option found here that is not offered at the Casino Rico is bingo.

A popular game at this casino, many people from the area as well as tourists enjoy the game. Much of the table games found here are similar to those found within the Casino Rico.

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