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Diani Beach Travel Guide

Diani Beach Travel Guide

Diani beach is a major beach resort, one of the most spectacular beaches on the south coast, located 35km (22 miles) south of Mombasa town, on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. In Diani Beach you will find turquoise water, a beautiful white-sanded beach of about 25km long, shaded with palm and Casuarina trees.

There are small as well as high-class restaurants, banks, curio shops, discos, hotels, nightclubs, self-catering resorts, supermarkets, everything needed for a comfortable stay. Most of these constructions have been designed with local materials, usually have extensive gardens and are easily accessible by car or even by foot. In addition to this, Diani have modern health facilities inside the Diani Beach Hospital.

Diani beach has world class, private and small accommodations, you can choose to either stay in an apartment, cottage, guest house, or hotel, it depends on your length of stay and/or budget (prices range from moderate to high, depending on the season, there are few independent travelers that can afford the resort prices). The best hotels probably are the Leopard Beach, the Leisure Lodge, the Jadini Africana, and Diani Beachalets; a cheap place to stay is Dan Trench’s, behind the Trade Winds Hotel.

Behind the beach are tracts of original forest where you will find baboons, black- and white- colobus monkeys, birds are butterflies, the most extensive of these forests is Jadini. There is also lovely bird watching at the Tiwi River.

The area is also famous for the closely located Shimba Hills National Park and its refreshing wildlife, which can be reached in an hour's drive; another attraction is the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, here live more than 250 elephants that arrived from Tsavo to be saved from poachers.

Unfortunately, illegal fishing for corals and shellfish has caused harms to the marine biology.

If you are looking for a wonderful beach resort this is the place for you.

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