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Beach Boys And The Tourist Police

Diani Beach is a safe place, there is no need to feel physically threatened on the beach, however you should use the common sense at all times:
  • Be aware of petty thieves.
  • Do not stroll on the beach or on the road at night (especially with valuables)
There are different types of "beach boys": souvenir sellers, safari guides, experts in sailing, fishing or snorkeling, narcotics dealers (possession or consumption of drugs is a crime), ones offering company and more. Combination of different types is also around. On the other hand, there are many friendly and fun loving "beach boys", just try a living.

The beach is overrun with "beach boys", in spite of the fact that beach hawking and harassment of tourists is illegal in Kenya, the best way to deal with them is ignore them; some of them can be very obstinate please ask them with politeness to leave you alone, if you have any major problems, police must give you aid.

Another solution is to establish any friendship with one of these "beach boys": buying at least something, once you have a friend, you have some rights, and you will be less bothered from the others.

In many hotels and private grounds you will see security guards (named Askaris), they are not policemen, this private security forces serve their lord, usually stay alert to the slightest sign of difficulty.

You can buy some souvenirs, but do not book any tours or excursions with beach boys

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