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Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking Diani has a wide selection of restaurants and bars along the coastal strip. Its good selection of alternatives includes broad international cuisine, including European and Asian. Local restaurants serve also the simple but tasty Kenyan food, including the Kenya's specialty Nyama Choma (grilled goat meat). There are several beach bars in the area serving snacks, grilled food and offering mainly Tusker (a Lager beer). It is recommended to drink bottled water.

Delicious seafood can be bought from local fishermen. Fresh fruit and juices of the season are available too.

The following listings include some places to eat and drink:

Galaxy Chinese Restaurant
Galaxy Chinese restaurant is the most popular restaurant in the town that serve Oriental Cuisine, the restaurant is renown for its collection of Chinese delicacies, that in many cases takes advantage of the abundant local fresh seafood. House specialties include ginger crab, garlic chicken, and all of the saté dishes. Prices are very reasonable; the service is excellent, open daily from 9.30 am until midnight.
Telephone: 0127-2292

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant
Located on the Mombasa South Coast, inside a deep coral cave of 180,000 years old about 10 meters under the ground. Its fresh seafood is excellent, the restaurant is well-known and absolutely worth a visit.
Telephone: 254 (040) 3202033

Forty Thieves Beach Bar and Restaurant
Forty thieves is the meeting place for many of the local residents, it offers a selection of beautiful ocean view, great food, delicious drinks, pool tables, live entertainment and satellite television at reasonable prices.
Telephone: +254 (0)40 3202033

Tropicana Restaurant
Tropicana Restaurant, Pizzeria and Night-Club is situated at Diani Shopping Centre, open from 10.00 a.m. offers home-cooked pastries and pizzas. The night club disco of the Tropicana boosts a variety of quality shows.

Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant
Open 9.00 am to 6.30 pm or later, the menu ranges from snacks to excellent coastal seafood, curry buffets on Sundays. The restaurant has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Red Lion Bar & Restaurant
Is located on the Diani Beach road, you will find fantastic Italian home-made food, is closed on Mondays.

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