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Diani Beach Travel Guide


Nightlife There are lots of choice and lots of fun in Diani, nightlife include discos, live bands, and traditional African shows generally thoroughly tourist-oriented and centered around the hotels. If you are feeling lucky, then Diani Beach also offers you a choice of casinos.

Shakatak Disco
Located approximately 500 meters south of Diani Marine Drivers Village. Shakatak Disco offers great fun and music, its entertainment variety include traditional dance shows & the "Big Mama". Shakatak is frequented by locals and tourists, the DJs play a good mix from UK and US charts, local music, reggae, indie and Lingala sounds from Zaire. Is open from 9.00 pm until the early hours of the morning.

Tandoori Bar
Located one kilometer from Diani Marine, Tandoori Bar is a good local bar and restaurant, it has cheap beer and pool tables

Leisure Lodge Casino
Located approximately 1 hour from Wasini National Marine Park, this casino is part of the five-starts Leisure Lodge Hotel, the casino possesses a breathtaking view of the sea. Open from 9.00 p.m. every evening.

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