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Education in Kenya

Education in Kenya Education is one of the most important activities for people around the world, there are many kinds of techniques and methods in each country in the continuous pursuit of better results. Africa is undoubtedly the region with more poverty in the globe, which is unquestionably why African education is not good with some distinct exceptions such as South Africa.

Kenya is the African country with a large variety of tourist attractions as well as a great diversity of animals, but it is also a country with much poverty with a great desire for progress.

The basic system school in Kenya is a lot like in other western countries, they use what’s known as 8-4-4.
  • 8 years of primary education.
  • 4 years of secondary education.
  • 4 year of university or Technical education available.

Free and compulsory education is a characteristic of the education system in Kenya, and it might be the only reason why school enrollment has increased by large amount. Unfortunately, most families in Kenya live in absolute poverty today and parents can only keep their children enrolled for a few years.

Universities in Kenya

There are several universities in Kenya that offer students university courses, but the most important university in Kenya is the University of Nairobi, located in the city of the same name. there are also business schools in Kenya such as Kenya Institute of Management or The East Africa School of Management that offer business and management courses for Kenyan students.

Although these universities and business schools don’t appear in the university rankings, they provide a good service. There are also private universities in Kenya, but they’re only accessible to people with a good economic status in the country.

Other post-secondary schools

Those students without the necessary money to pay for a university can apply for technical schools where they can learn technical careers like nursing, accounting, teaching, law and arts.

However, these post-secondary schools usually have an established admission requirements such as academic rigor, curriculum content, industry standards and other factors directly related to a student's success. Admission requirements may include typing skills. For this reason it's advisable use to accurately measure and assess your typing speed and skill level.

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