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Employment in Kenya

Employment in Kenya Nowadays, Employment in Kenya has increased, in fact of the economy growth since 2007. Tourism field it's not the major source of incomes anymore, because industry and manufacturing in Kenya became the most important sectors in the country. Kenya is the most industrially-developed country in East Africa; the largest urban centers are established on Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

This is where employment agencies find employees for the major companies in Kenya. The most important employment agencies act as intermediaries between the employer and the candidate. These agencies have an extensive data base of the people that applied for a job vacancy, and they can work in Kenya with the official citizenship. The most offered job positions in Kenya are related to computers and software. These specialized companies are looking for employees related to internet and communications, web design and support. Other job vacancy that is available is to work as a motorbike rider and to work in the urban center.

After launching a career or finding a job, the candidate has to decide what field he/she wants to work in. And at the end, it will all depend on the job interview. A job interview with a Human Resources manager defines if the candidate will be hired. Itís important that every candidate learn tips on job interviews and succeed. The usual advice for a job interview: do not be nervous, make good eye contact with the interviewer during the interview, and give a strong and confident handshake.

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