Kenya travel guide


Kenya Travel Guide

Getting Around Kenya

Public transport is extensive in Kenya, the different forms of transport include buses, matatus, rented cars and trains, so all major roadways are paved and many of the rest of ways have been ameliorated, there are also enough petrol stations along highways.

Kenya can be accessed by road with Ethiopia via the main border crossing at Moyale, with Uganda via the main border crossing at Malaba, Kampala (capital of Uganda) and Nairobi are connected too, Tanzania via Namanga. These days, there's no safe way to enter or exit Kenya country from Sudán or Somalia.


Kenya has a good network of long distance buses and minibuses, buses run regularly between most cities and towns, including the major cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret, some bus companies offers night services to some cities. Bus companies offers a comfortable, reliable and moderately cheap service, although a quite slow. You can buy your tickets in advance at the ticket offices located in the different bus terminals or in some cases yo must pay the fare to the driver. Some roadways can be jarring and dust-covered so you should pick a comfortable bus company for long travels, fares do not vary greatly.

The most reliable bus lines include:
  • EasyBus, with routes from Kakamega or Kisumu to Nairobi.
  • Eldoret Express, is the most newest and quickest bus company in the western Kenya.
  • Coast Bus, with routes from Mombasa to and from Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Kakamega, only offer night buses.
  • Stallion Bus, with routes between Nairobi and Mombasa.
  • Akamba, with many routes on the east Kenya.
  • Kenya Bus Service, is the public bus service of Kenya.
  • Stagecoach.


Matatu is the name for smaller forms of transportation including private minibuses, vans, taxis or box matatus (a two-wheel-drive pick up with a shell on the back), typically for few passengers, matatus are usually crowed, their schedules are erratic, but are very inexpensive.

Matatus are the most common means of transportation in the major towns and rural areas of Kenya, The "Nissans" are the most comfortable and safest types of Matatus, although they are a bit more expensive than other matatus

Matatus leave from designated spots, when it is full of passengers; you should ask the fair before enter to the matatu, or maybe you can pay for a ticker before, you can also catch a Matatu from the road, if the vehicle is not full, the conductor will let you in.

Many Matatus are decorated with a colourful imagination, the name Matatu comes from the Swahili word "tatu" (the number three -3-)), because time ago the standard fare was three ten cent coins.


Hire a vehicle in Kenya is easy but relatively expensive, but gives you liberty of movement and sometimes rent a car is the only way of get the more inaccessible reaches.

There are many rental agencies in the major cities including Malindi, Mombasa and Nairobi. Only Budget Rent A Car has a permanent office at Nairobi Airport. Most companies recommend only four-wheel-drive vehicles because some routes are dangerous, particularly during the rainy season, you must check mechanical difficulties before rent a car.

If you are carrying your own vehicle you should get a free three-month license as you have a legal transit card for it, remember that vehicles are driven on the left side of the road and for your security: drive on main roads, always wear a seat-belt, don't drive alone, and don't drive at night

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