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Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for safaris (the Swahili word for 'journey'), Kenya has one of the highest land areas under wildlife protection, there are over 40 National Park and Reserves in Kenya, including Government, local authority, community and private managed.

Game parks have spectacular landscapes with a great variety of wild animals, most parks have lodges and campsites. The parks usually get two rainy seasons: in November or December and in April and May, but these can vary. Some Game Parks are distant and not easily reached, others are very famous and busy. Some game parks include:

Amboseli National Park is the most accessible game park, you will see great herds of animals including elephant, zebra, lion, cheetah, buffalo. There are a large number of visitors and the lodges are ever-busy.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is a must, especially during the vast migration of zebra and wildebeest that takes place usually between July and November, the rainy season can be from November to May.

Tsavo National Park is divided into the East and West, is one of the largest game parks in the world, is home of a large number of elephants, among other species such as antelopes, buffalo, giraffe, monkeys and birds.

Samburu is dry, with a rugged landscape, has great views of Mt. Kenya, the riverine forests of the Ewaso Ngiro river are home of birds and leopards. Some less frequently seen species of giraffe, zebra and gerenuk are met in the park, Samburu is one the most beautiful game parks in Kenya.

Kenya is one of the last places on earth where wildlife roam freely, you must be sensitive to this fragile ecosystem.

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