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The Lamu Archipelago is a group of island situated in the Indian Ocean close to the northern coast of Kenya, the largest of the islands are Lamu, Manda, Pate and Kiwayu Island. The Lamu archipelago is the centre of East African Swahili culture, there are many extremely important historical sites.

In the Lamu Archipielago you will find colourful Coral gardens, blue waters, empty white sand, and culture, temperatures range from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Manda Island has a sanctuary for wildlife, is a great place for swimming and snorkeling. You will find historical sites such as Takwa and Manda Town. Pate Island is accessible by dhow or motorboat, offers Swahili ruins to visit such as Shanga. Kiwayu forms part of the Kiunga Marine Reserve, has great beaches and is sparsely populated. Lamu has white, sandy beaches, here quiet life is preferred, cars are not permitted here, but donkey-carts line the streets.

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