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"Msenge" is the word for gay-men in in Swahili Language, in Kenya, homosexuality is still considered an "un-African" practice, the act is illegal and considered a criminal offense.

The Penal Code in its sections 162 to 165, criminalize homosexual behavior, it is referred to as "carnal knowledge against the order of nature", its penalty is 5 to 14 years of imprisonment, lesbian activities are not mentioned in the law.

But there are, however, few prosecutions, recently more gay kenyan men have been making themselves known, lesbians, on the other hand, remain invisible. There are organizations such as Gaykenya and Behind the Mask working to improve some basic rights and freedoms to gay people, this way will hope to change the offensive sections of the Penal Code.

Homosexuality and Lesbianism are a taboo subject in Kenya, there are a good number of Kenyan men who are constitutionally homosexual and socially heterosexual, Kenyan men who are believed to have sex with other men are ridiculed and harassed, this hostility reflects the conservative attitudes of the Kenyan society in respect to sexual behaviour.

In despite of this discriminatory laws, many gays and lesbians travel to Kenya and enjoy the trip, laws usually don't reflect the attitudes of local Kenyans, although is recommended that gays must have extreme discretion if are afraid to be discriminated. A safe way to travel to Kenya is with a tour operator that offers gay-friendly vacations in Africa.

Male Homosexuality is slightly accepted in towns such as Lamu, Malindi, Lake Victoria and Nairobi and the Spartacus Gay Guide is a good source of information about the gay scene in Kenya.

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