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Job Search in Kenya

Job Search in Kenya Most jobseekers are stuck in the issue of finding the ideal job. The job search should not be a hard one; in fact it should be fun. After launching a career, when a job applicant finds an easy way to job search, and the results arenít good most of the times, this happen because job seekers are conformist and others just obsessed with the perfect job in the perfect company. Many job offers are good enough for fresh graduates looking for their first job. Job offers in Kenya have increased in the fields of food processing, clothing, textiles and brewing as well as in the transport equipment and refined petroleum industries.

Know your job vocation

Currently in Kenya, the job offer on IT has increased; as a result many of the young job seekers in the country are specialized as graphic designers, web designers, SAP technology specialists, PHP developer and software programmers. This new industry is all about computers, and these reputed new companies are established in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. Thatís why newbie job seekers are worried about boosting their resume. Through the internet there are many sites for resume advices, but we recommend you look up resume templates, to know and be sure how your resume should look like.

Know the Kenya labor market

To find and get a job in Kenya, you must have Kenyan citizenship as well as to present a polite cover letter to the company which you applied to. The labor market in Kenya, as mentioned before, is increasing in information technology jobs, to apply for a job in this field or any other, the job seeker must look for resume examples related to his/her interests.

Another way to search a job in Kenya is by attending the job fairs in Nairobi. Despite of this, many jobseekers look for jobs in the websites of the most important companies of the capital city and in the job listings of the newspapers.

The first interview to get a job

Job Search in Kenya After a jobseeker gets a call from the Human Resources area of a company or the company itself, they get a first job interview, which is important for the interviewer to find out if this job seeker could be a good hire. They ask you to sit a psychological test, to find out if you fit into the profile. In this first interview donít get nervous, itís simple to answer the usual questions, such as: Tell me about yourself, why did you apply for this job? And more questions related to personal issues, education, work experience and career goals.

How to write an effective resume and cover letter in order to get a job interview?

About the resume

To get a job interview, employers always check the resumes of every candidate. After that, a competition among jobseekers begins; employers always call people who have a concise and efficient resume. Consider these tips:

  • Keep your resume updated and read it before every job interview.
  • Write your contact information at the top of the first page.
  • Use just keywords to describe your abilities.
  • Write the truth; donít make up jobs that you never had.
  • Use a clear font; do not underline words, or bold font.
  • Attach a cover letter for every job application.

About cover letter

A cover letter is a must in a job search process. A cover letter helps jobseekers show their ambition to get hired. A thank you letter sample must have three important parts: the salutation, the body and the closure. We can give you these short but helpful advices:
  • Send the cover letter to the responsible of hiring.
  • Remember that a cover letter is not a resume.
  • The purpose of a cover letter is to open you the doors for a job interview.
  • Read the cover letter over and over again, to look for grammatical errors.
  • Use the right words to describe your skills and abilities.

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