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Kenya Travel Guide

Languages in Kenya

The official languages in Kenya are Kiswahili (otherwise known as Swahili) and English both are taught in school. In larger cities, most Kenyans speak English well enough, outside major cities, most Kenyans prefer Kiswahili, because it is closer to their tribal languages, it is hard to find a place in Kenya, where somebody does not some words of Kiswahili, nevertheless, exists many places where nobody knows a bit of English.

Kenya has a rich variety of tribes and cultures, in rural areas, most of them speak their tribal language, exists a total of 62 languages spoken in Kenya, most of them are African languages, the rest are Middle-Eastern and Asian languages spoken by descendants of migrants. The African Languages come from three different language families: Bantu languages, Nilotic languages (which include Maa language and Luo language) and Cushitic languages;

Sheng is another language result of the combination of English, Kiswahili and Bantu tribal languages, this language primarily was used by the urban youths, nowadays it has spread across social classes, it is hard to differentiate from Kiswahili without knowing the language. Some examples of Sheng words are:

Manzi Girl
Beste Friend
Muenjoyo Having fun
Hare To go out at night
Waka To get drunk

Ľ Common Kiswahili Phrases

Kenya has one of the most fascinating Real Estates in Africa, find further information on Real Estate in Kenya here.


The importance of language for Real estate in Kenya


Kenya is one of the most beautiful destinations in Africa and itís widely known for its wildlife as other African countries such as Egypt is known by Egypt monuments or Morocco is known by its beaches and buildings. However, Kenya has more than a magnificent and prominent wildlife; this place provides all facilities for any person that would like to live in a paradisiac destination and enjoy of the best climate and food all year round.


If youíre interested in Kenya, we can ensure that thereís no place like this, it has the best wildlife parks, beaches, emerald weather, memorable landscapes and the second highest peak in Africa, the Mt. Kenya and we cannot forget the diversity in their culture with over 40 ethnic groups (tribes) and other highlights that one can appreciates better through Kenya photos.


Kenya is a great place if youíre interested in Real Estate, what you may need is to contact real estate agents, in order to have an intermediary between the seller and you, and who will help you to have a wise decision for your property. Of course to communicate in Kenya, the best language is English. Many Kenyans speak English as a second language so it will not be difficult to communicate. With the appearance of internet in this country, many people use online tools like, to learn English or other languages from anywhere.


Kenya real estate has some predominant places, selected for buyers due to climate, facilities, location, other factors, those are: Posh Nairobi Suburbs, which experiences less frequent water shortages than other parts. Greater Nairobi, where land is cheaper than other places; Mombasa, with its white-sand beaches; Kisumu, the third largest city that counts with several activities for entertainment; and other towns in Kenya in which youíll find the property of your dreams, if you couldnít find it in those listed before.


Finding the Real Estate that you dream, is a very hard task, so you should be well-informed about the place, prices, and opportunities that surround it. There are several websites that inform about Real Estate, properties, directories and agents that you can consult in order to have the best property for the less price and get involved in this world of Real estate, whether itís for a new property development and consultancy, letting, selling, managing residential and commercial properties and more.

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