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Media and Communications in Kenya

The Ministry of Transport and Communication is the organization in charge of the media and communications in Kenya, the country possesses a good communication network, with many locally produced television and radio programs, moreover, most international magazines and newspapers are widely available in Kenya, there are also private telecommunication centres offering international telephone and fax services. There is no formal censorship, but some media has been subject of pestering by members of the government.


Kenya has a great local and international post service, you can buy stamps at post offices, many stationers, shops and lodges also sell stamps. There are post boxes (its are red) and post offices spread around the country, main post offices are open from 08:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday) and from 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays. Rates vary according to the weight, airletters and size of the letter or postcard.

Main post office is located at Kenyatta Avenue near Uhuru park. Other important post office is located at Haile Sellasie Avenue in Nairobi

Airmail service to Western Europe is very reliable, it takes about four days.


There are good Internet Service in Kenya, Internet is offered in many lodges, there are also Internet cafes and business centres offering fastInternet access.


International calls can be made directly or with the help of an operator dialing 0196. Many hotels offer international calls service, but usually the service is expensive, the best option is to call in a telecommunication centre, there are plenty of them in larger towns or also using public phones; red public telephones work with coins (you should have some change for local calls), blue public telephones work with phone cards.

The country code is 254, some calling codes within kenya are listed below:

City Code
Anmer 2845
Diani Beach 127
Eldoret 321
Embakasi 2
Kajiado 301
Kikuyu 154
Kisumu 35
Kitale 325
Lamu 121
Malindi 123
Maralal 368
Maseno 35
Mombasa 11
Nairobi 2
Nakuru 37
Nanyuki 176
Thika 151
Voi 147
Watamu 122


The good cellular network of Kenya cover most tourist areas and main towns, so you can use your mobile phone. The main service providers are Celtel, its service cover the area of Mombasa, the coast and the southwest of Kenya and Safaricom, which has coverage on Mombasa, Nairobi and in the southeast of the country. By 2005, there were 281,800 mobile phones in use in Kenya.


Nairobi is the main publication center of newspapers. By 2002, there were five leading daily newspapers:
  • The Daily Nation, published in English Language, was founded in 1960, had a circulation of 170,000 every day.
  • The East African Standard, a weekly newspaper in English Language sold through out Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, had a daily circulation of 70,000.
  • The Kenya Times, in English Language too, had a daily circulation of 52,000.
  • Taifa Leo, published by the Nation Media Group, is a Swahili newspaper, had a daily circulation of 57,000.
  • Kenya Leo, published in Swahili language, had a daily circulation of 40,000


By 1997, there were 730.000 television sets into Kenya, in 2000, there were 25 for every 1,000 people

Nowadays, the main Television stations in Kenya are:
  • The state-run media organization Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), KBC broadcasts in English, Swahili and most local languages.
  • The leading television station Kenya Television Network (KTN), was the first to break the state broadcasting monopoly. Its signal is available in cities such as Eldoret, Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa.
  • Nation TV (NTV), property of the Nation Media Group.
  • Other private channels are: Stella TV (STV) and Citizen TV.


Kenya has several Radio Stations, by 2001, there were 24 AM, 18 FM and 6 Short-wave radio broadcast stations. These broadcast in English, Swahili and other local languages. By 2000, there were 223 radios for every 1,000 people

The most important radio stations in Kenya are:
  • The State-Owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), with programs in English, Swahili and other local languages.
  • Metro FM is a music station operated by KBC.
  • CRI 91.9 FM, is a part of China Radio International, with language-based programs in Swahili, Mandarin and English.
  • Radio Citizen, it operates in Swahili, also broadcasts in Kikuyu-language and luo-language.
  • Capital FM, is one of the most popular music stations.

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