Kenya travel guide


Kenya Travel Guide

Safaris in Kenya

Safaris in Kenya Safaris are closely related to Kenya, its beauty, rich wildlife and diverse ethnic cultures made of Kenya the most popular destination for safaris in the world.

Kenya offers a wide range of options for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers, the incredible variety of vegetation and animals of the different game reserves and parks and the culture of the local ethnic groups mean countless opportunities of adventure. A safari in Kenya is always full of surprises.

What is a Safari?

A safari in Kenya include incredible wildlife views visiting the diverse variety of wildlife sanctuaries of the national parks and reserves of Kenya where you will have the chance to see the rich bio-diversity and interact with many ethnic groups. In many safari parks you will see the annual wildebeest migration, at the Masai Mara Park, you will be able to interact with the legendary Maasai Tribe.

You will come all year round, though the best time for game-viewing are during the dry winter months from May to August and the spring months from September and October. the best hours to see the wildlife are early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

What to wear and bring with you

You should bring with you: warm clothes, basic medications, mosquito repellents, a flashlight, a pocket knife among other items.

Safaris in Kenya The most common vehicles to go on safari are six to eight seat minibuses with open hatch roofs another alternative are Land Cruisers and Land Rovers, privates drives and walking safaris are also possible, in that case an armed guide is recommended, airplane and ballooning safaris are available in many of the Parks, specially at the Masai Mara National Reserve.

While on safari, you can expect comfort and decor, there are camping safaris (with no luxuries like water or flush toilets), there are also game lodges, which provide comfortable rooms and luxury private tented camps, which offers gourmet food, hot showers and many more luxuries.

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