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Kericho will give you breath-taking scenes of the vast tea plantations, moreover, if you want some peace and quiet, you must consider spending some time at the arboretum at Chagaik Botanic Garden. Chagaik is located to the right on the Kericho-Nakuru highway, it is about 10 kilometers from Kericho.

Chagaik Botanic Garden is an enclave of tropical jungle, formed by lush green grass and a variety of indigenous tree species; surrounded by orderly tea plantations. Furthermore, here you will find a small dam located at the bottom of the valley.

You can rest up or picnic in this shelter of tranquility, it is also a reliable spot for Colobus monkeys, insects, and forest birds.

Recently, has been established in an area of the forest on the Kericho Chebown estate. Its objective is to protect several species of monkey, including the vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) and the endangered colobus monkey.

Ruma National Park (formerly Lambwe Valley National Reserve) is located in Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza, 140 km from Kisumu. It was established in 1966, to protect the small herd roan of antelope and Jackson's hartebeest. One of the smallest of the antelope family, the Oribi, also can be seen. Predators such as lion and cheetah are present too.

Its main attractions are game-viewing, walking, fishing in the rivers, hiking and bird watching, the fish eagle, white egret and Blue Swallow among other 145 different bird species have been recorded in the Ruma.

Ruma can be reached from Kericho via Kisii, and then through the fishing villages of Homa Bay and Kendu Bay. This park sees few visitors. There is no hotel or lodge accommodation in the park, but there are two campsites.

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