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Kilifi Travel Guide

Kilifi Travel Guide Kilifi is a beautiful and small town on the banks of the Kilifi Creek between Mombasa and Malindi, located on Kenya's Northern coastline, at 35 miles north of Mombasa airport, the whole town occupies 12,464 kilometers and has an urban population of 30,394, according to the census of 1999.

Kilifi is less visited by tourists than Mombasa or Malindi. In Kilifi you will find splendid, white sandy beaches, one of the best beaches of Kenya is Bofa Beach, it is just one of the attractions of Kilifi, if you are looking for relax in a quiet beach destination this is your place.

The lake and creek are very popular with sailing enthusiasts, in the past, the only means to access Kilifi was by ferry, nowadays, and a recently built bridge makes Kilifi more accessible.

You can appreciate the wonderful of the bays and inlets of Kilifi Creek in a trip on the small Swahili kijahazi dhows that criss-cross the Kilifi creek, moreover, Kilifi is the most popular base for visiting yachts; good facilities are available, one can check-in in Kilifi, although immigration formalities have to be immediately completed in Mombasa.

Kilifi is home of many resorts, many of these belongs to artists, adventurers and writers from around the world.

Kilifi Travel Guide In Kilifi, there are activities for every taste, you could enjoy water sports such as diving, superb snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing, moreover, and you could have a romantic sunset in a boat trip on the creek. There are fascinating markets with stalls selling the region's delicious tropical fruits, fresh supplies of milk, meat and the delicious seafood. You can have also an insight into village life and local Giriama culture.

Other attractions close to the beach include the Watamu Marine Park, the fabulous Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, the Malindi Marine Park and the ruins of Mnarani, which includes mosques and tombs, dating from the 14th to the 17th century.

Facilities at Kilifi include banks, a post office, a supermarket, local craft shops, and excellent restaurants around the area.

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