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Eating in Kilifi

Dining and wildlife is largely hotel-based, but more adventurous visitors could try some traditional dishes in local restaurants, Kilifi restaurants offer tasty Kenyan cuisine and exotic local Kilifi nightclubs plays African music. As for eating options:

The Mnarani Restaurant has an excellent cuisine, fresh produces arrives daily from Kilifi farms, and it has also a bar and a swimming pool.
Telephone: (+27) 012 425 1000
Internet Address:

Toplife Garden Bar and Restaurant has a beautiful garden where you can enjoy great food with good service
Address: P.O. Box 15

Mnarani Club, has a charming restaurant with high-class standard of cuisine
Address: P.O.Box 1008 Kilifi, Kenya
Telephone: (254) 41 522318/522319/522320
Email :
Internet Address:

Kilifi Bay Beach Resort, has two restaurants, the cuisine is international, there is an a-la-carte restaurant, there is also live entertainment with traditional African show.
Address: P.O. Box 156 Kilifi
Telephone: (254) 41 522511

Baobab Lodge, sister hotel to the Kilifi Bay Beach Resort, it has one restaurant, cuisine international, lunch is served by the pool. Relaxing atmosphere.
Address: Bofa Road, P.O. Box 537 Kilifi
Telephone: (0125) 22570

Le Pichet Restaurant, specialist in French cuisine
Address: Mtwapa Creek, Kilifi
Telephone: 011-485785/485881

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