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Mnarani Ruins was discovered in the 1950's decade, it is located on the southern side of Kilifi village, some 200 meters from the Mombasa Road, and this extensive site is an ancient Swahili coastal settlement dating back to the early 14th century. Mnarani was destroyed by Galla people in the 17th Century.

Amongst the findings in Mnarani Ruins there are magnificent Pillar Tombs decorated with inscriptions and carvings of great quality, there is also a large Friday (or congregational) Mosque, parts of the town, a gate and several other mosques dating to 15th century. Also at the site is some interesting inscription on the tombs.

Within the woods, are many other ruins such as a small mosque and other unexcavated ruins.

Also at the site, a huge baobab tree amongst the ruins can be seen, its rumored to be the largest on the Kenyan coast, local people leave offerings in a large hole that has been made in the side of the tree,

This peaceful site with its fine view of the Kilifi Creek provides an excellent picnic venue, many people also arrives to Mnarani Ruins to meditate.

ARABUKO SOKOKE NATIONAL PARK Arabuko Sokoke national park
Arabuko Sokoke is a tiny national park located close to the Indian Ocean in Kilifi and Malindi Districts of Coast Province, Kenya, this park protects one of the last remnant indigenous forests in Kenya. A good variety of endemic birdlife, insects and mammals make the park their home.

The forest contains at least three distinct vegetation types, is home to several endangered species such as six bird species and two mammal species: the yellow-rumped elephant shrew and the Ader's duiker (found only here and in Zanzibar)

The forest is in constant danger from poachers of wood and of animals for food and by the desire for land by local people. Its conservation is extremely important, has been declared the second most important forest for bird conservation in Africa.

Arabuko Sokoke was protected as a Crown Forest in 1943, and was gazetted in the 1960's decade.

Kilifi Creek is located in the coastline between the cities of Mombasa and Malindi, penetrating inland for approximately 15 miles. Kilifi creek is excellent for water sports, moreover, has great bird life, is ideal for bird-watching.

Kilifi town lies on the north side of the creek, Kilifi Creek has pleasant white beaches which provide a quiet destination for relaxation on either side, and sailing trips can be arranged.

Across Kilifi Creek, you will find fabulous private homes and high class hotels.

It is a must for any experienced diver, located about 45 minute boat ride from Kilifi, it is recommended only for experienced divers, because there are caves and blow holes, the stunning caves, blowholes and sea life are well worth the effort.

At the entrance cave you will see dolphins and sharks, while the interior of the caves is a refuge for eels, large groupers, big Napoleon wrasse, snappers, tuna, jacks, and barracuda among other species.

The beach is fantastic, it offer safe swimming, warm blue waters and fine sand where you can walk for meters, there are also many resort facilities.

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