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Eating in Lamu

Eating in Lamu is very cheap, there are many seafront restaurants which offer excellent seafood at reasonable prices, don't miss the delicious lobster or the largest crab. Search beyond the dock to find a more traditional Swahili fare.

During the celebration of Ramadan, most restaurants will be closed until sundown; however, the restaurants catering to tourists will remain open all day.

You perhaps may find a man called Ali Hippy, who will offer you the opportunity to eat in his house for a fee, it is an interesting experience, you will have a great meal for a local fare, and his family will perform musical numbers afterwards.

Some good restaurants include:

Hapa Hapa: Hapa Hapa is one of the most popular tourist restaurants; Hapa Hapa offers a large range of delicious seafood, that's all caught locally. It has an excellent view of the sea and is situated on the waterfront. There are Chess and Bao games available.

The Bush Garden Restaurant: Is situated on the waterfront near the jetty along the Promenade, with many flowers and outside seating. A good ambience with friendly and personal service. Here you will find the best drinks, the milkshakes and fruit juices are all made from fresh ingredients. It has also excellent fresh seafood. Open daily 07.00 to 21.00.

New Star Restaurant: Situated on Main Street near German Post Office Museum, it has excellent and cheap Swahili food, like rice pilau, beans, ugali among other dishes.

Petley's Inn Restaurant: Have good food for a bit more.

Peponi Hotel: Has excellent Barbecue Grill, Peponi is open to non-guest and is a bit expensive, but also good.

Petley's Inn: Is the only bar in the town, you will meet up and drink beer with other travelers, this is the only place where you can get a beer, together with Lamu Palace.

Whispers Coffee shop / Restaurant: Located on Harambee Avenue, this has meals, pizzas and pastries as well as delicious espresso coffee. There are Newspapers and Magazines available and a souvenir shop. Open daily 09.00 to 20.30, even during Ramadan.

Seafront Cafe: Located on the waterfront, close to the post office, is a small restaurant that serves, maybe, the finest seafood (in large portions) and Swahili dishes in Lamu town. Open daily 08.00 to 22.00

Olympic Restaurant: Located on Southern Promenade as far South as Zinj Cinema, this is a small and open air restaurant which serves abundant great food.

Bathawabu Restaurant: Located on the main street near Whispers Restaurant, Bathawabu neither is nor regularly visited by tourists but very popular with locals. Its small snacks such as mahamri are recommended.

Coconut Juice Garden: Located on Southern Main Street, has a great rooftop location, its restaurant offers local dishes and refreshing yoghurts.

New Minaa Rooftop Restaurant: Situated on Main Street, Central Southern End. It is the most popular restaurant for locals, the service is fast and friendly, serves local and regional dishes.

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