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Crafts And Shopping

Malindi offers some of the best shopping in Kenya, in addition to coastal handicrafts and art, there are good selections of art and craft from all over Kenya. Prices in the markets and most shops are negotiable.

Coastal specialties include Swahili boxes; these vary in size from small jewelry boxes to huge chests. Exists intricately and beautiful carved wooden objects. Not too expensive, considering the quality.

The handicraft cooperative has the best selection of soapstone figurines and woodcarvings. A trip to the handicraft cooperative, gives the chance to observe the local craftsman at work

There are traditional cloths called kikoi or khanga, the kikoi is a bright cloth with knotted tassels along each hem, the khanga is larger and more elaborately patterned. these cloths are similar to the sarong of South East Asia and are perfect for the beach.

Malindi is home of a wide range of boutique shops which produces modern art objects, paintings, clothing and jewelry. Most are situated in the shopping arcades at the north end of Lamu Road, the main road that runs parallel to the beach heading North.

At the town centre, you can visit the Butts Arcade, Italian Market, Jins, Jinsons, Malindi Complex, Mullas, Sabaki Centre, Sitawi House, Shakkir. These shops offer kikois, kangas, kitenges and all your shopping needs. You can also find curios in the different sorts of establishments.

The Driftwood Boutique offers a wide range of souvenirs, t-shirts, kikois. Tropical Village is a small and exclusive boutique; it offers imported Italian swimwear, beachwear and accessories. Kongoni offers high quality belts, leather handbags and sandals. It is located across the street from the Sabaki Centre. Bazi located in the center of the town, offers belts, beaded sandals, and mkeka bags.

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