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Maralal Travel Guide

Maralal Travel Guide

Maralal Travel Guide Maralal, located about 348 kilometers North of Nairobi, is a small and lively market town, located north of Nyahururu and Nanyuki and lying east of the Loroghi Plateau within the Samburu District. It is the administrative center of the Samburu people, close relatives of the Maasai.

One of the national monuments in Maralal is the Kenyatta House, a tin-roofed bungalow, the location where Jomo Kenyatta was detained in 1961 prior to his release.

A notable resident of Maralal was the British explorer and travel writer Sir Wilfred Patrick Thesiger; he shared a zinc-roofed cabin with a Samburu family and made the town his home during 18 years until 1994.

Views in all directions from Maralal are majestic; Maralal is surrounded by the Maralal Game Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of plains wildlife. Resident wildlife includes impala, eland, buffalo, baboon, warthog and zebra.

Maralal is a popular spot for tourist activities such as walking safaris, trekking safari, whitewater rafting and, the main attraction, Camel safaris. Dry river beds course through this land have become the routes of nomadic camel trains. The town receives relatively few visitors in relation to the Samburu reserves to the east.

Maralal Travel Guide Maralal is also the beginning of the Great Northern wilderness, one of Africa’s last great unspoilt wilderness areas, and the staging post for adventure seekers. Between Maralal and Turkana there is freedom to explore the wild.

In Maralal you will see the Samburu Moran or warriors dressing their traditional clothing, Samburu women and morans wear necklaces and ornaments made of multi-coloured beads, red and blue are the most used. The friendly Samburu people is living in symbiosis with the environment and the wildlife during hundred of years.

The best time to come to Maralal is the week of the Maralal International Camel Derby. The famous Derby for both amateur and professionals is held here, it takes place annually from July to October. Riders and observers come from all over the world; everyone is invited for a hell of a good time. The race is based at Yare Club and Campground, a few km out of town.

The town has a ''wild-west'' atmosphere and is extremely hot, the people are incredibly friendly and there are many good and cheap restaurants, hotels and lodges.

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