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Eating And Drinking

Maralal has a large number of restaurants, lodges and hotels which offer good meals.

The Hard Rock Cafe (no relation to the international chain), located in the town centre, is the most popular eating place in Maralal, here you can meet locals and travelers. The local dishes are good and cheap.

The Yare Lodge Bar and Restaurant has excellent meals, at nights, mixed drinks and Tusker beer are served, it is a great point to meet and talk with old and new friends.

Maralal Safari Lodge, situated in the Maralal game sanctuary, is a meeting place of the Samburu and Turkana people. The lodge has an excellent restaurant.

In Jamaica Complex Hotel resounds slow jam and rootsy reggae. Kimaniki hosts the bar and disco called Club 24 from Friday to Sunday.

Samburu Moran must never be seen eating by anybody but fellow Morans. Because of this, most restaurants in Maralal have special eating room for Samburu Warriors.

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