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The town of Maralal is surrounded by one of Kenya's little known treasures: the Maralal National Sanctuary. In this sanctuary there is a profusion of residentsí game with zebra, impala, buffalo, baboon, and warthog at the plains. Seasonally, elephants descend from the forested hills which lie to the north. There are also hyenas and leopards.

The processions of wildlife sharing land with Samburu herders in this beautiful scenery are spectacular. This area holds a special significance for the Samburu people. Maralal National Sanctuary receives relatively few visitors in relation to other National Reserves in Kenya.

There are camping facilities at Yare Safaris Lodge and Campsite, much of the wildlife of the Maralal National Sanctuary can be seen from the terrace of the Maralal Safari Lodge.

LOROGHI HILLS Malindi National Park
The Loroghi Hills are the perfect destination for the adventurous trekker, wild, isolated and easily accessible. The Loroghi Hills are home to rich animal and bird life.

The highest peak of the Loroghi Hills is Poror Peak at 2580 meters (8,465 ft), as you trek through a series of escarpments and high mountain passes, the views are simply amazing, Loroghi Hills provide a sensational view of the Rift Valley.

Loroghi Hills is in the Heartland of the Samburu people; you can pass through many small villages, interact with the locals, walk and talk with cattle herders and lone warriors. You have the chance to experience a very different way of life. Access to Loroghi Hills is from Maralal.

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