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Guides and Crafts

Maralal has small markets and shops, these are nice to walk around, you can buy local handicrafts, especially the traditional Samburu handicrafts, and they are also available directly from Samburu communities. Samburu handicrafts are intricate and beautiful, as the result of a combination of thousands of tiny coloured beads with leather-work.

Each design of bangle, necklace and other adornments has its own particular significance and purpose. You can find also interesting items such as water-carrying gourds, fertility dolls, handmade spears, and neck rests (small wooden props used as pillows).

Maralal is also a good place to find crafts from further North. You can find for example silver Ethiopian Jewelry, Somali Bracelets and Daggers.

At the Maralal market you can find lot of stalls selling colourful necklaces in different styles, bright coloured clothes, mostly in red and blue, containers for tobacco and sandals made of tires.

In Maralal, there are many "guides" offering excursions, traditional dancing shows, or visits to Samburu Witch Doctors and Blacksmiths. Is your decision to accept, making clearly how much you are prepared to pay. Local touts are called the Plastic Boys; they sell wood-crafts, spears and other touristy items.

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