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Maralal, a good base for organized safaris, it is accessible by bus, matatus or by private transport, there are routes from Nairobi via either Baringo or Isiolo, driving time from Nairobi is approximately 6 hours, the route to Maralal via Rimuruti provides outstanding views of the landscape.

Maralal town is 150 kilometers north of Nyahururu, on the northern edge of the Mount Kenya highlands, Maralal can be accessed along the C77 route from Nyahururu. Maralal can be reached from Isiolo along the A2, C79 and C78 routes. There is usually one bus service per day in either direction between Nyahururu and Maralal and Isiolo and Maralal. There are early morning matatus for Nairobi, which leaves nightly at 2.00 am.

Accessing the north from Maralal can be difficult without private transport. There is a petrol station in the town.

Maralal has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, tastes and interests, The Yare's Safari Camp has a spacious campsite, There is a snack-bar and restaurant. The Buffalo Lodge, Kimaniki Boarding & Lodging and the Silence Hotel are other good choices. Maralal Safari Lodge, located about two and a half kilometers from the town, has swimming pool, a golf course.

You can change money at the KCB Bank, open Monday-Friday 8.30-14.30, Saturday 8.30-10.30
Address: P.O. Box 260, Maralal
Telephone : 254-65-62066,62442
Fax: 254-65-62299

You can also exchange money at the Yare Safari Club or at the Maralal Safari Lodge.

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