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Mombasa Travel Guide - Best of Mombasa

Bombolulu Workshops Located along the north coast of Mombasa, is a project of the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya. Is one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in Kenya, the center provide employment for over 150 disabled craftsmen/women, who produce jewellery, textiles, woodcarvings and leather crafts.

There is a Cultural Centre, a traditional Restaurant, four sheltered workshops and eight traditional homesteads found in various parts of Kenya, featuring houses of tribes such as Bukusu, Maasai, Giriama, Orma, Mijikenda and Luo.

Mamba Village Located in Nyali, Mamba Village is the largest crocodile farm in East Africa, with over 10,000 crocodiles. At Mamba Village, you will also view crocodiles in their natural habitat. Excellent cuisine is available at the Mamba Restaurant, the house specialty is game meat such as crocodile, ostrich and zebra. There are also camel and horse riding, and a botanical garden.

Mombasa dhow trips Sailing on a traditional Swahili Dhow along the East African coast in a memorable experience, being built and sailed along the Kenya Coast for over 500 years. Many dhows are sailing restaurants, seafood is caught and cooked on board, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner with on-board entertainment such as acrobats, dancers, fire-eaters, and other shows, while you enjoy the views along the refs and mangrove bays.

Mombasa old town The old town is situated in the eastern part of Mombasa Island, east of Digo Road and Jamhuri Park, it is well known for its ancient white buildings, narrow streets, stunning mosques dating back the early 19th century, extravagant art designs , examples of the Arab architecture.

You should visit a bakery, restaurant, market, or curio shop and buy some antiques or maybe a Kenyan souvenir. Explore the old town take no more than one day and is worth exploring on foot

Mombasa fort jesus Fort Jesus is the major tourist attraction in Mombasa, it is a monumental piece of architecture, built in 1593 by the Portuguese, many battles were fought by the Portuguese and Arabs for supremacy, later the British used it as a prison. Today it has been turned into a museum that is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm, here one can check out the torture rooms, prison cells and weapons.

Mombasa mosque Mombasa is a city of mosques, with over 50, the most interesting are:
  • The Mandhry Mosque, completed in 1570, is the oldest mosque in Mombasa.
  • The Basheikh Mosque, located on Old Kilindini Road.
  • The Memon Mosque is traditional, made for worshippers.
  • The Dawoodi Bohra Mosque, built in 1902, is an historic place.
  • The Baluchi mosque, founded in 1875.
  • The Burhani mosque is located in the Old Town, it stands out for its magnificent architecture.
  • The Badri mosque is relatively small.

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