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The city of Mombasa The city of Mombasa second largest city in Kenya, it is located on Mombasa Island which is linked to the mainland to the north by the New Nyali Bridge, to the south by the Mombasa-Likoni Ferry and to the west by the Makupa Causeway.

By 1999, Mombasa was populated by 900,000 inhabitants. The town is the headquarters of Mombasa District. The Kiswahili name of Mombasa is Kisiwa Cha Mvita or simply Mvita (which means "Islands of War") and its Arabic name is Manbasa.

As a port city, Mombasa has a mixture of cultures, a large variety of ethnic backgrounds and religions can be found: Native Cultures, Asians, and Arabs who are Muslims, Christians, Hindu and Buddhists. There are many mosques, churches and temples congregating people of different belief. The city has been centre stage for hundreds of years of turbulent and fascinating history, the city has been ruled by Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, Turks, and British.

Mombasa has received immigrants and traders from many parts of the world, especially people from the Middle East, their descendants continue contributing to the economy the city. Recent immigrants are people from the interior of the country, brought to the city looking for job opportunities. The Arabic influence is evident in the architecture, dress, and food. Nowadays, Mombasa is mainly occupied by Swahili people, most of them are Muslim.

The city of Mombasa Mombasa is a city at the same time stepped in history and a fascinating commercial and cosmopolitan port town, with many offices, shops, travel agencies, restaurants and hotels. In Mombasa, all are welcome to this unique tropical place.

Many parts of the city have North African influence. In Mombasa you will find friendly and happy people.

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