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Eating in Mombasa

Eating in Mombasa Mombasa is a great city for food; you will find a multitude of places to eat offering a wide range of foods ranging from to a variety of local and traditional dishes. Local restaurants serve spicy curries, samosa, fried chicken, fish, chips among many more.

Mombasa has a large Indian community, so, there are many restaurants serving vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian cuisine. Exists also a wide range of international restaurants which serve British, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Turkish cuisine and many more.

The strong Chai, laced with sugar and milk, brewed with ginger and cinnamon, and accompanied with a maandazi (a deep-fried pastry like a doughnut) is thoroughly refreshing.

Mombasa is famous for its freshly-caught seafood. The city has excellent fish, crabs, lobster, oysters and more. There is also an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables

You should try Swahili Cuisine, a traditional blend of Arabic and African cooking styles. Kenyan cuisine is simple but tasty, revolving around hearty staples such as beans, potatoes and maize. The national dish is ugali.

If you want cheap eats, you will encounter good street food at Abdel Nasser Road and along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue; try green coconuts, sugar cane juice. At Nyrere Avenue, on the Bus Station, you will enjoy traditional dishes such as a roast meat and pilau or a great kebab.

Pan, an Indian specialty, is a natural stimulant, digestive and breath freshener, generally chewed for a good half an hour. New Chetna restaurant and Dil-bahar on the corner of Bungoma Street and Digo Road are excellent places to try it.

Restaurants in Mombasa

The Blue Room Restaurant, strategically located in the heart of town is one of the most popular fast-food places, you can get a cool drink or an ice cream, and there is a huge variety of Indian and American food.
Address: Haile Selassie Road, P.O. Box 80511.
Telephone: (+254 02) 2224021.

The Splendid View Restaurant, has great variety of cuisines at economic prices.
Address: Maungano Road across from the Hotel Splendid.

Special Bokoboko is a relatively new restaurant built by two Muslim brothers named Fuad and Fakur, the restaurant offers a huge variety of Swahili and Indian food for cheap prices.
Address: On the corner of Kibokoni Road and Nyeri Street in Old Town.

Recoda Restaurant, opened in 1942, is one of the most ancient in Mombasa, the menu features Swahili food, fish, beans pure, tapioca, mahamri and mushkaki with salad. The restaurant is closed during Ramadan.
Address: Nyeri Street, Old Town.

Hamburger House, if you want a good hamburger.
Address: Moi Avenue near the tusks.

Chinese Overseas Restaurant, strong on Chinese cuisine and seafood.
Address: Moi Avenue, P.O. Box 82559 Mombasa.
Telephone: 011-221585/312683.

Casablanca Restaurant & Bar is a nice restaurant serving a wide range of continental food, there is also a popular bar/disco with a dance floor, cold beers and loud music.
Address: Mnazi Moja Road directly off of Moi Avenue.

Tamarind Restaurant, is the most popular restaurant for tourists in Mombasa. Freshly caught Seafood is the speciality; the menu also has a blend of Asian, African and French cuisine. A characteristic of this restaurant is its romantic trip aboard an Arab Dhow around the coastline of Mombasa.
Address: P. O. Box 85785 Mombasa.
Telephone: (+254 02) 2728090/1/2/3/4

Shehnai Restaurant has the best Indian cuisine, specialist in curries, tandoori and mughlai cuisine. The restaurant has received many awards for outstanding service and quality food.
Address: Fatemi Hse, Maungano St.
Telephone: 011-312492/224801/312761

Mubinís, is an outdoor restaurant which offer the best mishkaki, chicken tikka, hearty salads and chapatis.

Castaways Bar & Restaurant, popular with tourists and locals, is a great restaurant and bar, it offers a wide array of drinks and a couple of pool tables. The restaurant has a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Address: Bamburi Beach.

Hunters Bar, offers a wide variety of steaks, seafood, game meat, chicken Kiev and meat dishes.
Address: Near Tamarind Restaurant in Nyali.

Sea Heaven Restaurant, offers excellent seafood dishes.
Address: Shanzu, North Coast, P.O. Box 84988 Mombasa
Telephone: 011-485351/485136

New Chetna Restaurant, is other popular vegetarian restaurant, it serves South Indian dishes like masala dosa, scran, kachori, idli, and thali meal.
Address: Haile Selassie Road.

Singh's Restaurant, it is a typical Indian Restaurant operated by the Sikh Temple. Is the best place for veggies.
Address: Mwembe Tayari Road.
Phone: 011/493283

Trekkers, is a cosmopolitan restaurant in Mombasa, it offers very good food, an open air disco, and great music.
Address: North coast Shanzu.
Telephone: +254 20 2024288

Safari Inn, located 15km north of Mombasa, Safari Inn has Swiss and international cuisine.
Address: P.O.Box 382, Mtwapa Mombasa.
Telephone: +254 72 2671475

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