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Drinking and Nightlife

There are several discos, nightclubs, bars, and casinos around Mombasa that offer diverse and interesting night time party scene. Bars and discos keep the music pumping and the alcohol flowing all night. Most clubs are situated on the North coast and in the area surrounding the hotels, bigger hotels have their own bars and clubs. Within the city centre and the city's outlying areas, casinos are plentiful and popular before a wild night out on weekends. Cinemas are also a popular destination throughout the week, regular plays are staged at the Little Theatre Club. There are also ballet performances and karaoke nights.

Casablanca Restaurant & Bar, it is a spacious and popular nightclub with both tourists and locals. Features two dance floors, four main bars, a cocktail bar, a kitchen dishing and many more.
Address: Mnazi Moja Road,Mombasa.
Telephone: 254-722-286693

Tembo Night Club, about 15 minutes north of Mombasa, is extremely popular among locals and tourists. Tembo comprises of a large open-air disco, a cozy beer garden, a Billiard Lounge, two barbeque restaurant and Guest Rooms. A tropical atmosphere, top DJ's, the best music (good mix between the very popular modern Kenyan music scene and US & UK dance charts) and lights systems and more make this the best club in all of Kenya.
Address: Mombasa-Malindi Road opp. Bamburi Nature Trail.
Telephone: +254 41 5485078

New Florida Casino & Nightclub, located at 500 meters from Likoni Ferry, New Florida is a is a roomy and big club with three bars, a big screen TV, pool tables. Free entry until 7.30 pm and open 6.00pm.
Address: P.O.Box 84175, Mombasa, Kenya.
Telephone: +254-41-2313127; Fax: +254-41-2228809

Mamba International Night Club, is located in Nyali, next to the Nyali Golf Club. There are many promotional events such as performances by live artists.
Address: Mamba Village.
Telephone: 472341, 472361

Bob's, is an open air bar and grill where you can drink and listen to music. Its real name is "Murphys Irish Pub".
Address: Near Nakumatt Nyali on Bamburi.

Royal Court's Hotel Bar, the bar is situated on the 6th floor of the hotel, you can enjoy your drink and admire the amazing view.
Address: P.O Box 41247, Haile Selassie Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.
Telephone: +254-41-2223379 / 2230932 / 2230933 / 2312317 / 2312389

Bora Bora Nightclub, the oldest club in Mombasa, is a relaxing place with fantastic shows, great music and a good atmosphere.
Address: Malindi Road, P.O. Box 81127.
Telephone: +254-41-5486421

Pirates, is a popular club along the North Coast, ideal to check out the great nightlife, has a bar and international food restaurant.
Address: Mombasa/Malindi Rd, P.O. Box 34031 Mombasa.
Telephone: 011-486020

Sky Bar & Restaurant, perhaps the best pub in the town, Skybar has a well stocked bar and spacious dance floor.
Address: P.O. Box 42660, Moi Avenue, Mombasa.

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