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Moving to Kenya

Moving to Kenya Moving to African lands can generate many doubts about the kind of lifestyle that you would get around the area. However, you should know that over the years it has reached considerable economic growth. Kenya, for instance, has become a business area. Expatriate workers are also well paid and enjoy all the technological advances that Kenya offers. However, it is advisable to work with movers; so, you have more time to learn and obtain important data like telephone numbers and addresses of main services provided in Kenya. Some people do not pay attention to the details about the purchase of a new home and the legal terms under which they are subjected to. For example, if you rent a house, you must know the terms under which the payments should be meet to avoid any penalties.

There are a lot of moving companies in Kenya. You have to find a good moving company. Public transport in Kenya is very limited; so, you will need to consider purchasing a vehicle.

Make sure that you have covered all your debts in regard to your old house, as well as for the services used before you moved out.

Things to do during your move

For many, just thinking of moving is stressful; so, we left some tips here that could serve you to ease the moving process.

Planning your move

It is important to plan ahead of time. Talk with the moving company to talk about the moving date. Do not move out at the end of the month or during holidays because you would probably want to have a lot of time in order to spend a good holiday with your loved ones.


It is important to take care of your possessions; make sure that you’ve packed adequately and that the boxes will not break. It is better to hire a moving company or talk with someone who knows how to save money without having to incur in a lot of money spending.

Packing tips

  • Label your boxes according to the level of importance, fragility and sentimental value.
  • If you’re carrying heavy objects, pack them in small boxes.
  • If you’re packing glassware and porcelain, you should consider the alternative of filling boxes with air bags or crumpled paper before you can place the items.

Choosing the right home

To do this you must prioritize your comfort. Choose a place where your belongings can fit; know about the measurements of corridors, rooms and doors. It is important to check if bulky items can fit inside your house. Also, to protect your health, the house must be cleaned and fumigated before you move in.

Some situations to consider
Almost always people tend to keep old things that in some cases they are not used but they do not thrown them away because they have a very significant sentimental value. Try to be a little practical and get rid of some in order to have less to pack and save a little money.

If you hired a moving company, anticipate their arrival and be ready to indicate them where to start. If you have young children, take them to a day care or leave them in a safe place to prevent accidents.

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