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Naivasha Travel Guide

Naivasha is a moderately sized market town situated in the Rift Valley Province, about 100 km north west of Nairobi, the town lies along the Nairobi - Nakuru highway and Uganda Railway. Because the surrounding is fertile and Lake Naivasha provides freshwater, the main industry in Naivasha is agriculture, especially flower-growing.

Naivasha is a popular tourist destination and a good place to pick up supplies, there are a variety of things to do around Naivasha, and you can visit Hell's Gate National Park, Longonot National Park, Mount Longonot or Lake Naivasha, where you can observe bird-life and hippopotamus behavior as well as other wild animals.

The "Naivasha Agreement", a set of agreements culminating the Second Sudanese Civil War was signed on 25 September 2003

Naivasha is just an hour from Nairobi, there is an airstrip with charter flights available. Main route access is directly from Nairobi by Bus, Matatu or private transport, the main road continues from Naivasha to Nakuru.

Naivasha town has a wide range of accommodation facilities from bargain to expensive.

Lake Naivasha is a lovely freshwater lake, known as a world-class birding spot. Between 1937 and 1950, Lake Naivasha was used as a landing place for flying boats. Today, Lake Naivasha has become a shelter for tourists and locals looking for tranquility.

Much of the lake is surrounded by forests abounding with bird life, over 400 birds have been reported on the lake, there is also a great range of game around the lake, and you will see Giraffes, Buffalo, Colobus Monkeys and a large number of hippos. The ecological equilibrium on the lake has been tipped by the introduction of sport fish.

The Maasai name of the lake is "Nai’posha" meaning "'rough water"', because of the unexpected storms which can come up, British later misspelled the lake as Naivasha.

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