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Eating in Naivasha

Naivasha has an abundant supply of fresh local foodstuff, you can find good meals in restaurants, hotels and lodges in Naivasha Town and around the Lake. Fresh fish and crayfish are a local specialty, campers can obtain supplies locally. You should carry your own snacks and water while trekking

La Belle Inn is a tourist style restaurant where you can get a continental meal, this quaint restaurant has a selection of dishes to suit a variety of tastes, recommended dishes include tilapia, crayfish and bisque, La Belle Inn have also a wide choice for vegetarians and picnic supplies. The beer is quite expensive.

Jim's Corner Café on Station Lane, formerly Brothers Café is one of the best restaurants in Africa, always full during lunch time, the food is good, especially the ketchumbari, you will spend up to three times less than you would at La Belle.

Joe's Eating House, situated on Moi Avenue, offers good ugali, chapati and meat stew.

Almost all the hotels here have reasonable restaurants, such as the Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort, situated in the Lake Naivasha area, has great food and friendly service. Naivasha Simba Lodge, its restaurant offer Local, Indian, Eastern and International cuisine, you can participate in the preparation of your meals. Crater Lake Lodge, has an extremely peaceful restaurant with a bar.

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