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Naivasha Nightlife

Music fills the ambient in Naivasha, you can hear mostly Lingala (Congolese music) and South African sounds at the different Bars and Discos.

One of the best is the Bar at the Sam Holiday Inn has a restaurant, and a separate pool room/bar.
Address: Sokoni Rd 1647 Naivasha, Kenya
Telephone: +254 50 20810

The Othaya Annexe Hotel has an excellent bar.
Address: Kariuki Chotara Rd.
Telephone: +254 50 20770

Flamingo Bar at Lake Naivasha Country, serves a wide range of juices, liqueurs, spirits and red and white Naivasha wine. The bar is open from 11.00am to 12.00pm.

Fisherman's Camp, on Lake Naivasha; it has a restaurant/bar open all day for a range of inexpensive home-cooked meals.
Address: South Lake Road
Telephone: +254 50 730382

Crayfish Campís has a bar stocked with most beers, wines, and other drinks, the Disco-Bar is open at weekends.
Address: P.O. Box 176-20117, Naivasha, Kenya
Telephone: +254 (050) 2020239 / 2021145

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