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Aberdares National Park

Aberdares National Park The Aberdares National Park was established in May 1950, is located 180km from Nairobi, This park covers an area of 767 square kilometers and forms part of the Aberdares Mountain Range, Kikuyu people used to call it as Nyandarua, and according to their tradition it is one of the homes of Ngay.

Aberdares National Park has a large range of landscapes, from mountain peaks to densely forested valleys intersected by streams, rivers, and lovely waterfalls including the Gura, Chania and Karura, created by Karura and Chania rivers, is easy for one to get lost in this wonderful landscape but is an ideal place for nature lovers.

Aberdares is home of rare species of lion, elephant, black leopard, rhino and bongo antelope. Another inhabitants of its rain-forest are buffaloes, colobus monkeys, leopards, red duiker, suni antelope, bush-bucks, giant forest hogs and others. Its bird life include species like the Tacazze, the Golden-winged sun-bird, Malachite Sun-bird among many others.

The best time to visit Aberdares is from May to October, there are a wide variety of private and public lodges.

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