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Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park

Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park Located south of Malindi and 88 kilometers of Mombasa, The Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park is one of the best marine parks in Kenya, is famous for its sandy beaches and vast stretches.

The beautiful marine habitat, which marine life includes the Giant Groupers, fish urchins, sea slugs, crabs, starfishes, parrot fishes among others, is surrounded by the Mida Creek mangrove forests where young coral begins its existence.

The spectacular reef, which start about a kilometer offshore, is its main attraction, the several coral islets are home to more than 140 species of hard and soft corals, the reef protect the marine organisms from the force of the sea, keep out the dangerous sharks and provide a major attraction for visitors, if you float slowly over the coral beds you get to see the spectacular and colorful reef fill up with coloured marine fishes.

One can also see birds like curlew sandpipers, green-shanks, little stints, sanderlings, whimbrel, and three species of plovers (grey, great sand and Mongolian sand). Dik dik, giant monitor lizards, mongoose, and a wide variety of monkeys can also be seen.

If you visit Malindi-Watamu Marine National Park, you must visit the Vasco da Gama pillar and the historic Gede Ruins and its beautiful coral gardens, there are lots of accommodation available, there are also many campsites.

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