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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park Mount Kenya National Park was established in 1949 to protect and conserve the environment of the region of Mount Kenya, in 1997, the park was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This imposing extinct volcano is the highest Mountain in Kenya and the second in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro, is one of the most popular destinations for trekkers, it has 3 peaks of differing difficulty: Batian (5,199m) and Nelion (5,189m) require great technical climbing skills and Lenana (4,985m) can be reached by any hike or excursionist in good conditions. From January to March and September to October are the best times to ascent Mount Kenya.

It is home of the Supreme Being "Ngay", the name of God for Kikuyu, Kamba, Meru and Embu tribes. The Kikuyu used to call it Kere Nyaga: "Mountain of Brightness"

The wide variety of wildlife of the park include rare and endangered species such as Sykes and Colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephants, black rhinos, leopards, Bongo antelopes and many more, mount Kenya is home also of a large number of birds including giant kingfisher, olive pigeons and red-fronted parrots.

The park has different habitats including alpine moorlands, glaciers peaks, high bamboo forests, tarns. Finally, Mount Kenya is one of the most important water catchment areas in the country, supplying to main rivers like the Tana and Northern Ewaso Ngiro.

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