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Schools in Kenya

The school system in Kenya is commonly referred to as (8:4:4) because provides:
  • Eights years of primary.
  • Four years of Secondary.
  • And four years of University Education.
This system was introduced in 1985.

Military schools

Military schools in Kenya

The military world is one of the most honorable fields in the society because you are risking your life for your country. Military schools provide programs that include educational and physical instruction. All that knowledge forms your character and helps you to become a leader to be a member of the army, navy and air force. You can also obtain a diploma in Military Science.
Law schools

Law schools in Kenya

The laws were created to promote “social justice” and offer educational opportunities. So, law schools offer programs in legal knowledge that include private, commercial, and public laws; you will get an education where you will also learn high ethical values. At the end of your career, you will obtain a diploma or bachelor degree, but if you continue your education you will get a master o doctorate in laws.
Flight schools

Flight schools in Kenya

Currently, aviation is one of the most changing and competitive industries and if it is your passion, you should find information about flight schools. The first step is to choose a flight school where they will provide you with the best education. The courses are based on international standards and you will train with professionals and competent instructors while taking up a career as a pilot, copilot or aviation engineer.
Pilot schools

Pilot schools in Kenya

Pilot schools provide quality and effective training that helps you to obtain the necessary skills to fly a plane. They have a staff of experimented instructors who will guide you during your training until you become a competitive and responsible pilot.
Trade schools

Trade schools in Kenya

There are many options to continue with your education; you can choose among trade careers and in short time you can obtain certificates or diplomas that will help you to get a job in accordance to your trade. Trade schools offer you the opportunity to work in a specific field such as carpentry, culinary arts, catering, accounting, electricity, mechanics, and teaching.

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