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Shanzu Travel Guide

Shanzu Travel Guide

Shanzu, about 20 kilometers from Mombasa along the Indian Coast, is a town situated in an ideal tropical location. To get Shanzu, take the main Mombasa - Malindi highway north and cross the Nyali Bridge.

Shanzu is a lovely spot, with superb beaches and many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Book a safari trip with the local people could be a great experience and a lot cheaper.

Its beaches are an ideal selection for those looking for a relaxing place with a range of sports facilities. Shanzu Beach has some of the best diving in the world, Shanzu offers first-class facilities for both the novice and more experienced diver. You can also see watch dolphins and turtles.

The Shanzu Holiday Market has lots of small shops and a Bazaar offering a large collection of local crafts at very good prices.

Park Adventures situated at Shanzu tourist market is a travel agency, which offer free tourist information and safari tours along Shanzu.


It is a non-profit organization developed to help girls with disabilities, the program was established in 1992 by Mrs. Damu P. Shah and other members of the Kenya Girl Guides. Women arrive at Shanzu at the age of 17 to start a two year training program during this time; they receive training, enabling them to be productive and independent women in their communities.

The girls are paid a share of the earnings when their work is sold. The program gives the young women an opportunity to learn and promote their independence; they learn that disability does not mean inability.

More information in Shanzu Transitional Workshop.


Heller is an ecological park, visit the park is a fascinating experience, the park provides a safe haven for a couple of giant tortoises, abandoned here, and there are also a family of giraffes who cannot be returned to the wild.


Ngomongo Villages, situated 500 meters off the Mombasa-Malindi road near Mombasa, is a spectacular Eco-cultural tourist village. The park is home to a variety of bird-life, crocodiles, fish among other species, have also a well maintained forest and a wetland consisting of three lakes.

Ngomongo Villages has a collection of 9 diverse rural Kenya tribal households, each one complete with huts, domestic and wild animals, fetishes and more. Ngomongo Villages activities include outdoor sports, traditional cuisine and local shopping.

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