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Kenya Travel Guide

Translations in Kenya

There are many definitions for translation; one could say that translating is comprising the interpretation of a text from one language into another language. Translation may seem unimportant but in the last few years it has remarkably increased its market. Many companies are seeking its services to expand their market.

Who use translation services?

Translations in Kenya Nowadays, companies and corporations often seek translation services to do businesses with companies around the world. Generally, most companies are seeking for this service in the legal field to translate important documents, or in the medical arena to translate medical records and notes.

Companies are not the only ones that need to translate important documents because in the last years more people migrate to other countries to expand their horizons, and they need to translate documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports etc.

Language in Kenya

Kenya is a country with an amazing culture and tourist attractions; one can find a variety of animals and landscapes that mesmerize newcomers. If you are among the many people that want to visit Kenya, you must keep in mind that there are two official languages in Kenya, Swahili and English. Many translation agencies offer professional translation services of Swahili and English translation.

Most people who come to Kenya as tourists need their documents translated to Swahili, you can find translators in the Kenyan airport who offer their services to translate Swahili and vice versa. Generally, you can have a good time visiting Kenya without worrying about the language.

Translation online

Translating online is helpful for people without the means to travel for a professional translation because one must only have internet access. Internet is the best tool to find information about agencies that provide translation services as well as to find professional translators.

How much to pay for a translation?

There are many kinds of translation services as well as different costs for them; keep in mind that the cost of the service depends on its quality, you can find expensive services and cheap services whit poor quality.

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