Kenya travel guide


Kenya Travel Guide

When to go to Kenya?

As Kenya is on the Equator, seasons are consistent. The main tourist season are from December to February and from July to August, if you are going to travel at these periods, should reverve in advance safaris and accommodation.

From January and February, the season is hot and dry, this is usually considered to be the most enjoyable time. Is excellent for animal and bird watching; there is a largest concentration of birds flocks on the Rift Valley lakes. Medium daily high temperature is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. During this high season the fares are more expensive.

Another appropiate time to visit Kenya is from June to September, during the called "shoulder season" because the weather is still dry.
This season offer excellent view options, you can find a large number of wildebeest at the Masai Mara, is a good time also for climbing in the Mount Kenya.

There are two rainy periods in Kenya. The "long rains" period, from March to June and the "short rains" period from October to December. Some roads become sloughy and some parks get inundated during these months.

During these months things are much quieter, Many safari tours are not available, nevertheless, there are reduced rates, rooms avalaible, the landscape is greener and birds begin to arrive from Eurasia. Some road communications are conditioned by seasonal rains

There are cyclic wildlife movements from the park reserve Masai Mara to Serengeti and back, wildebeests and zebras reach Masai Mara right away after the long rains looking for young pastures. In Masai, wildlife is more available during boreal summer.

if you want to visit Lamu, you should try to coincide your visit with the Maulid Festival, a event where is celebrated the birth of the prophet Mohammed.

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